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Montreal Guitar Lessons

Learn guitar in Montreal with ease and enjoyment through my step-by-step lessons. I take teaching seriously and have 20 years of experience as a music instructor and a fromer Professor at Seneca College.

Rock & Blues

  • Rock music is all about attitude and sound. Your fingers must have the right attitude and your guitar and amplifier must have the right tone.

  • Control the fundamentals such as chords and basic songs, master the fingerboard by learning scales and positions, practice using scales and chords in a musical and improvisational setting, develop the ability to lead a band or play with others, and learn to read music and explore on your own using tabs or notation.


Acoustic Campfire

  • Acoustic campfire songs are a mix of old favorites and timeless classics and are perfect for both romantics and casual players.

  • Learn how to maintain a consistent tone and the most effective ways to play chords, pick, and strum. Then, move on to reading tabs, notes, and learning songs through playback and playing with others such as singers or a band.

  • The lessons can be purely practical and focus on building your techniques or delve into more advanced topics such as the theory of chord progressions and creating harmonically pleasing chord changes.


Classical Guitar

  • My teaching materials are digitally scanned and suitable for all classical music skill levels, and resources from the Royal Conservatory of Music are also available.

  • We can combine theoretical and practical lessons, or for those who prefer tabs, we can learn classical guitar using tabs and playback. Additionally, the option of Royal Conservatory of Music guitar grade training is available.

  • The lessons can also include ear training/sight singing (solfege), theory, harmony and sight reading, or be purely practical hands-on guitar-based.



Special Lessons:  Composition, Orchestration, Music Theory, Analysis, Aural Skills , Guitar Pedals & Tone  

  • Elevate your musical understanding and sounds to the next level with composition lessons for all skill levels.

  • Learn about analyzing musical form, orchestration and arrangement, score engraving, electric guitar tone and pedals, advanced techniques and licks for outside playing, and classical analysis and scoring for ensemble.

  • With 20 years of experience composing in various genres including Jazz-Fusion, Rock and Classical and trained at McGill and Concordia University in Composition.

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