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Helpful Beginner Guitar Links

​If you're interested in guitar lessons but not ready to purchase a guitar just yet, many major music stores in Toronto offer guitar rentals for around $45/month.


Some of the major stores include Long and McQuade, Steves music, and Allegro Music, you can call and ask for the rental department. For intermediate guitar players, here is a website where you can click on the frets and strings you're playing and find out the name and construction of any chord.


As a dedicated Toronto guitar teacher, I assist students in developing rhythmical training and a sense of timing by playing along with backing tracks and utilizing GuitarPro software, a useful tool for achieving a smooth playing style. With the use of a laptop, I can create a portable training studio that allows for flexibility in learning VISIT SITE

Muscle memory plays an important role in getting comfortable with chords and allows for smooth playing. Some guitar teachers in Toronto may not focus on the importance of arching your fingers when playing chords but it is crucial for developing muscle memory.


You can build muscle memory by forming the chord and then lifting your fingers off and putting them back on, as demonstrated in my guitar lesson video for chords. Intermediate players will benefit from learning the CAGED system for chords and scales.

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