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Matija Krunic HBA HBFA 
University Educated Composer/Guitarist 

Best Rated Montreal Guitar Teacher on MTLBlog  

 Step-By-Step Guitar Lessons

Montreal Guitar Teacher: Acoustic, Classical, Rock, Theory, Sight Reading, Composition

Step-by-step lessons focusing on classical guitar rock acoustic campfire & Theory sight reading & composition.

Matija Krunic has a Degree from McGill in composition & guitar. He is also a former Professor at Ontario’s Seneca College.

He is passionate about pedagogy and music!

  • Hands-on guitar lesson focused on Acoustic folk, Rock, and Classical guitar, & Theory / Composition classes.
  • From weekend strummers to deeper techniques and theory, all are welcome.
  • Study plan produced ahead of time, lesson summary recorded at the end fo the lesson.

  • We focus first on ergonomics, healthy technique, and musical expression.

  • Improvision, tone control, and connecting the fretboard.

  • With 20 years of teaching and as Seneca college Professor I take pedagogy and communication seriously.

  • I am also an Artist and Record music. Sample Compositions: Rock, Pop rock, Fusion, and Jazzy Classical Guitar.

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